Who We Are

Near the end of 1991, God planted a small seed for a purpose far greater than what anybody could imagine. It all began at Wayside Baptist Church, in a Sunday school class made up of approximately 8 people studying God’s Word in their own native language of Portuguese. The group steadily grew as God brought more brothers and sisters to our Friday meetings held at each other’s homes.

Like a wildfire, we grew into Wayside Baptist Church’s Brazilian Mission. At first we occupied a small one-room lounge by the church, endearingly nicknamed “the yellow house,” where we held morning and evening worship services every Sunday. As our numbers grew, the Lord provided us with a larger chapel within our mother church, and an accompanying fellowship hall, where in May 31st, 1994, Kendall Brazilian Church was officially established.

Today, ​we are an international church, with members from all over South America studying the Word of God, learning about His plans and His love for us through our Lord Jesus Christ, and enjoying each other’s company as we make disciples who make more disciples.


Pr. José Roberto Nery


Pr. Jonas Mostafá

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Pr. Ercidio Gonçalves


Pr. Carlos (Bebeto) Simões


Pr. Ricardo Vasquez

What We Believe

• The virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, as well as His bodily resurrection and ascension to the right hand of God the Father.

• The justification of the sinner solely by the grace of God, through faith in Jesus Christ, the one and only mediator between God and men.


• The sending of the Holy Spirit as the helper who inhabits those who are saved, thus leading them into repentance, resulting in regeneration, sanctification, and the bestowing of spiritual gifts.


• The only Church, holy and universal, which is the body of Christ, to which all Christians belong in the earthly form of local congregations.


• The certainty of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the establishment of His kingdom.

• The resurrection of the dead, the eternal life granted to those who are saved, and the eternal suffering of Satan and all those who reject Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

• The church serves to:

a) Worship God, proclaim the message of the Gospel, and promote the spiritual growth of its members

b) Promote activities to foster fellowship and communion among members.

c) Promote social assistance to its members and, as far as possible, to others who are needy.

d) Send out and support those whose calling is to extend the Kingdom of God on Earth.

• The existence of one God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit being three individual entities that are altogether one in essence

• The sovereignty of God in creation, revelation, redemption, and final judgment.

• The divine inspiration, truthfulness, and integrity of the Bible as originally revealed, and its supreme authority over all matters of faith and conduct.

• The universal sinfulness and guilt of all men, since the fall of Adam, making us subject to God’s judgement and condemnation.


• The redemption of guilt, shame, dominion and corruption of sin is only through the atoning death of the Lord Jesus Christ: the incarnate Son of God serving as our representative and substitute.


Brazilian Church

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