Good Samaritan Missions

In 2011, after months of praying for the Lord to provide an opportunity for us to obey Him in His calling for us to make disciples “to the ends of the earth,” Pr. Nery and his wife were invited by one of our Good Samaritan Community Health patients to start doing missions in Nicaragua. Before he could finish praying to the Lord for confirmation of His will, Pr. Nery was notified by his patient that transportation, hospitality, and a local church with which to work with had all been promptly arranged for him to come visit that same weekend. Since then, the Lord has moved hearts and boundaries, not just expanding the scope of His work in Nicaragua, but also opening doors for His work to be done in other countries as well! Praise the Lord!!!


Pr. José Roberto Nery


Pr. Jonas Mostafá

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Brazilian Church

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